Rosemary Williams


"Listing" is a large scale installation and audio work, in which I telephoned people out of the New York City phone book and asked them to tell me their biggest fear. The work has four audio tracks which emanate from the corners of the installation, consisting of peoples' answers, hangups, and answering machine messages. I then built a model of a one-bedroom apartment in the gallery space, using taped together pages from the Manhattan phone book to cover the studs and track of the walls. The work allows the viewer to have a dual focus on a massive cross-section of people - on the one hand taking in the anonymous catalogue of names listed on the walls, and on the other listening to the individual voices in all their particularity.

Listing (2MB). Excerpts from audio track, 2:57 running time.

8' x 20'8" x 20'5", 2005