Rosemary Williams

Two-Faced Beauty

Two-Faced Beauty is a narrative feature film currently in post-production. The movie captures a short period in the life of another Rosemary Williams who was a Broadway showgirl in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Rosemary got caught up in a scandal because her boyfriend had swindled $50,000 out of three of her wealth acquaintances, and used the money to buy her mink coats, diamond rings, and a Cadillac. The film reenacts phone tap transcripts, interrogations, and other documents found in the archive of the court case, and reimagines scenes described in the files. In addition to directing the film, I played the role of Rosemary, trying to inhabit the character of someone so different from me, to whom I am connected through our shared public identity.

feature film, work in progress, approximately 70 minutes

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